Geomembrane liners are required in petrochemical applications as a second line of defence known as “secondary containment”. They provide additional security against contaminants released into the environment. This might be in the occurrence of a spill, or if the primary holding structure were to fail. ALPHA Tank’s experience in this field and with HDPE and XR5 geomembrane liners is unsurpassed. We have helped different clients choose the right kind of containment and installation technologies.


Adding an internal liner to an existing tank usually requires modifications to retrofit the tank to allow for a liner.  ALPHA Tank first installs a roof machine hatch that provides the ability to lower the liner into the tank and provides additional lighting and ventilation in the tank whenever work needs to be performed.  Second, the internal tank nozzles are replaced with standard flat-faced flanges to protect the liner from being stressed.  Finally, valve boxes are installed on the outside of the tank to provide valve containment.  These are straight forward changes but important for the installation and protection of the internal liner.  Call us today and we can assist you with your repair and modification needs.